The elegant isle in Lake Maggiore known as Isola Bella has received some new residents in keeping with old traditions. The splendid gardens of the private island, owned by the noble Borromeo family, have always been a showcase for beauty, including an aviary built in the 1700s for rare canaries and parrots. The gardens have retained their splendor while the aviary fell into decline. But now, the Prince Borromeo (yes, the island and palace are still in the family's hands) have restored and repopulated it to colorful glory with more than a hundred of the feathered beauties. There are also rare white peacocks roaming the grounds.

The aviary is located in the Oriental Garden, but the park of this magical isle includes an Italian Garden, an "agrumi" (citrus grove), a "pyramid" of terraces festooned with plants and statues, artistically designed and manicured box hedges, and more. It is a must-see when you're on Lake Maggiore! And now, with the pretty birds and white peacocks, it's even more magical than before!

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