A fun way to get kids engaged in history is a trip to the ArkeoGiochi park, attached to the archeological site of Saturo, in Puglia. This imaginative theme park combines fun and games with history and archeology, to make learning fun and interesting.

All the attractions are kid-sized and creative. Costumed staff give performance-lessons, with hands-on and interactive learning. They can mold clay to make Greek theater masks, Roman coins, and vases. They'll learn archery, Greek pentathlon, and battlefield strategies, or play with a stomachion Greek puzzle, a giant chessboard with huge dice, or an ancient version of hopscotch, and more.

After learning about archeology, visit the ruins of the real ancient civilizations and it will be all the more exciting for them!

ArkeoGiochi park is open from April through September. It is located south of Praia a Mare on the Ionian Sea, south of Taranto.

ArkeoGiochi Park Website

Localita' Saturo, Marina di Leporano

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