Antinori is probably the best-known wine producer in Tuscany, with vineyard estates all over the region. It also has the longest history - the family has been crafting wine for 26 (26!) generations going back 600 years! The Antinori have a long and noted past in Tuscany that includes noble status as silk merchants and bankers, a palazzo in Florence and a dedication to art restoration and preservation.

Antinori is one of Italy's largest wineries, with vineyards all over Tuscany. They helped developed the Super-Tuscan blend in the 1970s and are among the ten oldest family-owned businesses in the world. So a visit to the Antinori Chianti estate is unlike any other winery you've ever seen. Not only for its history and accolades, but for the winery facility itself. It is an architectural marvel of curves and natural elements that incorporates environmental conscious building with artistic design and local materials.

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Address in San Casciano in Val di Pesa:

Via Cassia 133 Localita Bargino.

Ph. (+39) 055 235 9700.