In the beautiful baroque town of Modica, amidst the historic splendor, is a legendary shop. The chocolate boutique of Bonajuto was started in 1880 and it continues today using the same methods and recipes to produce decadent treats. The Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is the oldest chocolate maker in town, that sticks strictly to the old methods of working the cocoa beans. They maintain it just like the founder, who built the business with the Aztec "cold working" of cocoa to maintain all the flavor and aroma with the cocoa butter intact. The Spanish domination of Sicily brought these ancient traditions, and this is one of the chocolatiers who continue it.

Walk in the door and breathe in the heavenly fragrance. Don't bother trying to resist; indulge in these special treats of chocolate bars, candies, and pastries.

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Address in Modica:

Corso Umberto, 159.

Ph. (+39) 093 294 1225.

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