Don't think this is just a wall of fish tanks - the Genoa Acquarium is the largest in Italy and the second-largest in Europe, and you can easily spend an entire day here. It highlights marine ecosystems, has a collection of hundreds of plant species and more than 15,000 animals in the collection.

A visit to the aquarium is an unforgettable journey that takes you under the sea and lets you see the marine life in their glory. A vast array of fish is complemented by the shark bay which includes some unusual sawfish. There are eerie specimen of jellyfish, playful dolphins and adorable penguins.

The visit can be a complete ticket with all the attractions, or you can select the venues you want to see. Because, in addition to the aquarium, the complex holds a few other attractions you'll want to consider experiencing as well.

The Biosphere. A glass and steel sphere designed by architect Renzo Piano, it contains and maintains a delicate tropical forest ecosystem, where you'll see the flora and fauna unique to that climate, including rare orchids and passionflower, along with birds.

The Galata Museo del Mare. The Seafaring Museum lets you climb aboard a partially submerged submarine a schooner from the 1800s, and a galeon from the 1600s, complete with period costumes to don for a fantastic photo opp!

The Bigo Ascensore. The spider-like steel structure you see at the port is a thrilling lift designed by Renzo Piano that elevates you in a circular capsule to 40 meters (131 feet) above the port. Once elevated, it rotates 360' to give you a full panoramic of Genova and the coast, along with multi-language narration.

The Aquarium complex includes two dining venues, gift shops and personalized photo store for unique keepsakes.

The Genoa Aquarium is open from 9:00 AM til 8:00 PM daily; last entrance is at 6:00 PM. In July and August it is open until 10:30 PM, with last entrance at 8:30 PM.

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Address in Genova:

Porto Antico Genoa.

Ph. (+39) 010 23451.

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