In the pretty village of Follina, the Abbey of Santa Maria has drawn pilgrims for centuries. Located along the ancient Roman road that connected the Po Valley and Adriatic to the Danube, Follina was an important crossroads towns for centuries. It saw the establishment of a Benedictine monastery, which was then converted into a Cistercian abbey in the 12th century, followed by the development of the wool industry.

The abbey underwent some expansion, with the elegant cloister and Romanesque bell tower being added around 1268. The columns outlining the cloister and loggia create a beautiful and peaceful space. The interior of the church is finely decorated with intricately carved capitals and details, and bears some Gothic elements, as well.

The abbey is open from 7:00 AM til 12:00 PM and from 2:30 PM til 7:00 PM.

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Address in Miane:

Via del Convento, 4 Follina.

Ph. (+39) 043 897 023.

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