Metro del Mare plies the waters along the famed and beautiful Amalfi coast, offering regular ferry service: sort of like a public transit system on the sea. During summer high season there are seven “bus” lines traveling from Pozzuoli, north of Napoli, to Sapri on the southern Campania border with Calabria. Stops are made at all the attractive towns along the way, such as Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi, while also providing convenient service to our favorite area, the Cilento Coast. You can easily visit the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum, or while away some time in the pretty hamlet of Santa Maria del Castellabate. Want to have lunch in Agropoli? It stops there, as well.

So, if you are a bit too intimidated to take the wheel on Italy’s most dangerous drive, this is a handy alternative. You enjoy the stunning vistas that take in the jagged coastline, azure waters and the rocky outlines of distant islands from the water, rather than during the hair-raising and precarious journey along a windy, narrow road.

Ticket prices vary depending on the distance traveled. While service is more abbreviated in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall, Metro del Mare operates from April through October. Tickets can be purchased at the embarkation port.

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