One of southern Tuscany's most intriguing wine cellars, Poggio ai Chiari is also a sort of archeological site. The owner was exploring an abandoned grotto and realized it was actually an ancient Etruscan tomb. He labored nights after his long days of work, with the help of some friends, to delicately and patiently uncover 2,500 years of history in that grotto, which is now the centerpiece and pride of the winery. There is a series of chambers in the tufa rock, which keep the wine at a constant temperature and humidity for aging, but which also give visitors a beautiful and history-filled experience.

The same care he put into the cellar goes into the wines themselves. They grow only Sangiovese and Colorino grapes, the same that have always been cultivated in the area, to respect and honor the area's traditions and excellence. No imported varietals are used.

Reserve a tour and tasting; the guided tour lasts one hour and takes you into the Etruscan chamber and through the wine making process, along with samples of the vintages.

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Address in Chiusi:

Via delle Torri, 86, Colle Santa Mustiola.

Ph. (+39) 057 820 525.

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