If you want to visit one of the wineries in the Cilento, take a trip up to Prignano Cilento to the cantina De Conciliis. It's located in the rugged hills of the Cilento National Park, up above Agropoli, where vines spread out and take in the Mediterranean sun to produce excellent wines.

De Conciliis is especially noted for the varities of Fiano, which they produce as a "normal" white wine, aged in steel vats, as well as a wood-aged version that has garnered some good attention. "It's a white wine treated like a red," said Giovanni, the cantina's manager. They also produce excellent Aglianico, a red grape brought to southern Italy by the Greeks more than two millennia ago. The wines are totally organic, and the entire operation is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. The welcoming staff speak English and are passionte of their wines as well as the Cilento.

Appointments recommended for a tour of the winery and tastings. It's a pleasant drive, so pack a picnic and enjoy the views and hills while you're there.

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Address in Cilento National Park:

Localita' Querce 1.

Ph. (+39) 097 483 1090.