Montaione, a typical village in the celebrated central hills of Tuscany, puts on a party every October dedicated to the area's most prized product - the white truffle. The pungent tartufo has been harvested from these hills since the Roman era and is rarer than its black truffle counterpart. The last weekend of October a festival celebrates its flavor and aroma.

Tartufesta offers a "trail of taste" through the streets of the historic center and concerts in the park of the Villa Serena. Stands hand out tastes and sell regional specialties such as olive oil, cheese, salami, chestnuts and wine, along with all types of products made with truffles. A market of crafts and antiques provides interesting shopping, and there are shows, dancing and a truffle dog race. The restaurants of Montaione get into the fun with special menus of regional dishes utilizing the prized tuber.

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