A romantic walk through the stone streets of Trentinara with inspiring love quotes along the way. Starting in the Piazzetta Panoramica the path winds through the charming alleys with hand-painted tiles attached to the stone walls bearing quotes by famous poets. No wonder it's called Via dell'Amore ("lovers' lane").

The path culminates at the rocky edge called Preta ‘Ncatenata (pietra incatenata, interwtined stones), a panoramic place with large rocks that seem to embrace each other. There is of course a lover's legend tied to these stones. A noble-born girl and a commoner rebel boy fell in love, but given the family circumstances weren't able to marry. In Romeo and Juliet style, they couldn't face life without being together and so embraced and threw themselves off the precipice here, where their embrace and love would be eternal, just like the coupled rocks above.

The path then leads back along the edge of town to the piazza.

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Address in Trentinara:

Terrazza Panoramica.