In the Middle Ages, Verona had a veritable skyline of towers; today only a handful remain. These tower-residences were the rage among the aristocracy to show their wealth and power. The tallest and most beloved is Torre dei Lamberti, on the edge of Piazza delle Erbe. Tall and decorative, it was built in 1172 by the Lamberti family. It was restored in the 1400s after lightening damaged it. The Lamberti Tower boasts bands of brick and marble, arcaded balconies around the top, and an octagonal bell keep. The two bells have different tones and were sounded to signal not just the time, but to alert the citizens of danger, the possibility of invasion and to call the city council to gather.

The views of Verona from the top are worth the ascent (especially since you can choose between huffing it on foot or taking the elevator!) The Torre dei Lamberti is open daily from 8:30 AM til 7:30 PM. Cost is €6.

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Address in Verona:

Via della Costa, 1.

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