The art gallery of Paolo Sandulli is a destination in itself. Located in one of the 34 stone watch towers that dot the Amalfi Coast, it's worth visiting just to enter the historic structure. Originally constructed in 1278, the circular stone tower is a piece of coastal history.

Around the garden and inside are the contempory works of an acclaimed artist with whimsical terracotta sculptures, paintings and drawings. There are modern seascapes, classically inspired but contemporary styled Mediterranean mythological figures, portrayals of playful water games and fishing scenes. Figures sculpted in clay are capped with "hair" created from natural sponge, animated and cheerful.

The tower-gallery is located in Marina di Praia, the lower part of Praiano and is definitely worth a visit.

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Address in Praiano:

Torre a Mare.

Ph. (+39) 089 874 149.

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