In Alberobello, where the entire town is constructed of trulli, it is only fitting the church follow the style. It is the only one of its kind, and blends in perfectly to the over-riding architectural style of Alberobello. Built in Puglia-Romanesque, it bears the characteristic cones and white-wash finish of the area's trulli.

It was constructed in 1927, and bears a monumental entrance with a rose window above it. A bell tower rises, capped by a conical peak, and the traditional dome is replaced by the distinctive trullo cone. It rises nearly 20 meters above the Greek cross plan interior. There are frescoes of the saints and Christ, and the Tree of Life painted by Adolfo Rollo. The church is simple but refined.

No visit to Alberobello is complete without seeing this one-of-a-kind church!

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Address in Alberobello:

Via Monte Pertica.

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