The famous cloth known as the Shroud of Turin draws pilgrims from around the world to Torino, but the epic fabric is only rarely put on display. Housed in a chapel in the cathedral of Turin, this precious artifact is a linen-flax cloth that bears the image of a man who sustained physical trauma. The shroud is, well... shrouded, in mystery!

Numerous tests and analyses have been done on it with a host of interpretations, contested by other experts and keeping the debates and mystery alive. There are those who believe it was the burial cloth that wrapped the body of Jesus Christ, for it bears in a reddish stain, imprints of injuries on the man's forehead and scalp, wrist, torso and legs, along with a puncture wound through both feet. The imprint is more visible with photographic negative technology. Naysayers claim it is a medieval forgery. Despite various scientific tests, no one knows how the image was created. The Shroud is revered by many Christians, Protestants and Catholics alike.

What is known is that the Shroud turned up in Turin in the Middle Ages and has been housed there every since. There is much information online to discover the analyses and evidence for yourself, and the museum (Museo della Sindone) presents scientific and historical context, 3D photos, miscroscopic images and test results for you decide for yourself.

The Shroud of Turin on Display-2015

The original Holy Shroud has only been displayed a limited number of times in its long history, and it is about to go on a rare display again in 2015. The dates are April 19 through June 24, 2015 (the last time it was exhibited, there were 1.5 million people visiting to see it!) There is no cost to see it, but reservations are necessary.

How To Reserve to See the Shroud of Turin in 2015. The easiest way is to book online here: Piemonte Italia site. Or you can call to reserve by phone: (+39) 011 529 5550 from Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 19:00 (Italian time, of course). Showing up during the dates of the exhibit might get you a ticket if you're lucky. You can go to the reception hall in Piazza Castello to inquire about last-minute tickets. (BUT it's best to RESERVE AHEAD if you want to get in!)

Museum of the Holy Shroud

The Museum of the Holy Shroud is open daily from 9AM til noon and from 3PM til 7PM (last entry one hour before closing). There are audio-guides in 5 languages to help you understand the displays. The Holy Shroud Museum, known as the Museo della Sindone, is in Via San Domenico 28, about 10 minutes' walk from the cathedral. (See map here.) The museum has scientific and interpretive displays regarding the shroud, the tests performed on it, 3D model views, microscopic evidence and more, to help you understand the history of this renowned fabric.

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