In the town that gave the great man his name, this fitting museum is dedicated to highlighting his legacy. Leonardo da Vinci was born in the picturesque hamlet of Vinci in 1452. The stone cottage were he was born sits in the hills just outside town, but this museum in the center of Vinci showcases the brilliance of the great thinker and artist.

Housed in two historic buildings - Conti Guidi Castle and Palazzina Uzielli- the museum holds a wonderland of inventions, drawings, and models based on Leonardo's ideas and designs. There are machines and mechanisms showing his talents as a scientist, architect, artist and strategist. You'll find visionary, revolutionary models that cover construction machinery (hoists and cranes) and tools, textile manufacturing, mechanical clocks, and military based implements. There is a section dedicated to his studies of flight and motion, including a bicycle and propulsion cart. The museum is an eye-opening experience of history, culture and invention for kids and adults alike.

There are educational exhibits with hands-on and interactive workshops and models for children. A special experience is the panoramic terrace where there are maps and landscapes drawn by Leonardo of the area, laid out for you to see while taking in the visual beauty of the Tuscan hills around Vinci. Find more information on the Museo Leonardiano website.

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Address in Vinci:

Piazza dei Guidi.

Ph. (+39) 057 193 3251 .

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