Near Castellammare del Golfo there are natural hot springs coming from the abundant volcanic activity of the area. There are open-air free hot springs, and a spa with pools and treatments, like massage, and mud wraps. For the spa, you'll go to the Terme Segestana establishment, with three pools (one is covered) and two "humidity grottoes" that are like natural steam baths with little pools. They offer services like mud treatments, massage, and aerosol for respiratory ailments. The spa is open year round but is closed for most of December until after the holidays. It is also closed on Monday mornings and all day Thursday.)

There are also free, open-air hot springs that are accessible, with a pool and a "hot water river" as well as cold water river. Called the Bagno delle Femmine or Polle del Crimiso. They are natural springs of hot water, reached by a short path.

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Address in Castellammare del Golfo:

Localita' Ponte Bagni.

Ph. (+39) 092 453 0057.