In the Maremma region, where southern Tuscany meets Lazio, these ancient hot springs have been healing and relaxing visitors for thousands of years. Today the structure has four large pools of various temperatures and mineral contents to satisfy your desires and your ailments. Since the Etruscans, the benefits of hot mineral-rich springs have been revered, and can assist in many maladies and aches. Give it a try, if nothing else it is relaxing and soothing after long days of travel and sightseeing!

The price is an all-day rate that includes robes, towels, umbrella and sun beds, locker room with showers and restrooms, and parking. There is a bar/snack bar for beverages and snacks. It is located at Riminino, near Montalto di Castro.

Open every day from 10:00 AM til sunset.

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Address in Montalto di Castro:

Viale delle Terme .

Ph. (+39) 076 143 8574.