Tenuta Vannulo is the uncontested reign of buffaloes in the so-called Piana del Sele, near the temples of Paestum. Pitch black mantle, sharp horns, hoofs high and flat characterize these mysterious animals, endowed with extraordinary strength, moving in still waters.

In the halls of the ground floor there are two large halls in which are hosted cultural events, art exhibitions, book presentations.

In the warehouses, barns and stables it was used the same care: tuff, boundary walls of local stone decorated with roses and avenues bordered by lemon trees. And then, of course, large pens where the animals dominate in all their grandeur.

Vannulo offers the opportunity to explore closely the science, ancient and modern, to breed these animals, close relatives of North American and Indian buffaloes, which are present only in some parts of Italy.

But a visit to Tenuta Vannulo also allows you to discover the art to transform the milk into a tasty dish (mozzarella, yogurt, gelato, cheese), which has become a symbol of Italy and abroad a valuable piece of the culture of our Country.

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