A splendid historic villa with gorgeous grounds and extensive vineyards is a wonderful place to visit and sample Tuscan vintages. There are woods and exotic botanicals, and the villa, which was originally built in 1566 as a simple farm dwelling, was redone in the late 1600s as the Renaissance-styled structure you'll see today.

The wines are excellent and use local heritage grapes, like Canaiolo, Vermentino, Sangiovese and others, to create Chianti vintage, single-grape vintages in red and white, and a lovely rose. It's a nice experience to wander the grounds, visit the villa, and the taste the wines.

Be sure to call or email in advance to set up a wine tasting and visit; they often host special events and weddings.

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Address in Pontedera:

Via della Cava, 1.

Ph. (+39) 335 788 4749.

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