A beautiful, beloved civic theater presents cultural life for the Bari residents and visitors alike. The clasically-style opera house bears red velvet, rows of viewing boxes, and an opulent, special kind of atmosphere. It's worth checking to see if there is a symphony concert, opera, or ballet taking place during your visit.

The theater was approved by the town council in 1895, to be a "theater for all" as the older, smaller theater that existed in the city was more elite and because of its size, ticket prices could be high because of demand. This one was to be larger and more available to all classes. The project was slow in starting, with construction finally beginning in May of 1898 and it was inaugurated in February, 1903. It had an astounding capacity for its time -2,192 spectators could fill the place. That has been reduced to 1,482 today, for security, as well as comfort. During WWII the Teatro Petruzzelli was occupied by Allied troops. On October 27, 1991, it was destroyed by a fire, devastating the structure but also the hearts of the Baresi who loved their theater.

It was rebuilt exactly as it had been, keeping all the details and touches, but also upgrading with high-tech safety and security features, as well more technological effects for shows.

It's a special evening out in Bari if you can get tickets and sit in a viewing box overlooking this lovely theater. If not, you can also visit on one of the guided tours. See their website for the calendar of shows and details on tours.

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Address in Bari:

Corso Cavour, 12.

Ph. (+39) 080 975 2810.

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