Postcard perfect, this small cove and beach is for those who prefer a natural setting without the distraction of the rows of umbrellas. The cove is set between towering rocks, a scene like you find on the Amalfi Coast but without the crowds.

The beach is a mix of pebbles and gravel-sand with water that quickly gets deep, great for those who like to swim and snorkel. The coastline is dotted with underwater grottoes so diving enthusiasts will be happy here, too.

The beach is reachable by boat or by a trail that you reach along the road between Marina di Camerota and Lentiscosa, turning off onto the dirt road marked "Villaggio di Cala Luna". Follow the road to where you see other cars parked, and then descend the dirt path on foot, about a 30 minute walk. Otherwise, get a water taxi in Marina di Camerota to get you there. Bring your umbrella, towels and refreshments (though there is a restaurant/snack bar available!) It is certainly not the easiest beach in the area to reach, but it is so pretty and uncrowded, it is worth the effort if you want something different than the usual expanse of sand!

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Address in Marina di Camerota:

Baia di Pozzallo.