The beach at Sant'Ambrogio is for those looking for a more tranquil spot with less crowds. The less-known beach is about 6 kilometers from Cefalu' and is completely free of development - and free of cost, as well!

It is a mix of pebbles with tracts of sand, anchored by the rocky promontory towards Cefalu' and the rocky reefs at the other end. The beach extends for a few kilometers. The water is crystal-clear and delightful, more so for the lack of vendors and crowds.

It is found by heading in the direction of Messina.You will see cars parked along the wall around the hamlet of Sant'Ambrogio, indicating access points. The village of Sant'Ambrogio is charming and has a couple of eateries if you get hungry.

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Address in Cefalù:

Sant'Ambrogio SS13.