One of the most evocative settings you can imagine makes this restaurant a hit!. Luckily, the food is also excellent, making it a special dining experience. Located at the foot of the Roman temples, it sits above Tivoli's waterfall and you can also dine under a wisteria arbor. If that doesn't make you gasp, perhaps this will: the restaurant has been in business here since 1720! (Yes, 1720; it's not a typo!)

Ristorante Sibilla has hosted princes, pontiffs, and presidents, but the fantastic food and great service are for everyone. Enjoy a meal in the garden next to the temples, or inside in one of the elegant halls. Prices aren't exaggerated; you can choose from a full menu option (either land or seafood dishes) or a la carte. You'll find good service, lovely presentation and quality dishes made with regional ingredients. And of course the spectacular setting!

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Address in Tivoli:

Via della Sibilla, 50.

Ph. (+39) 077 433 5281.