While it's officially called Ristorante al Gelso d'Oro di Nonna Sceppa, everyone around here just calls it Nonna Sceppa. Actually, they say "da Nonna" (Grandma's)! The unassuming space is an excellent, Michelin-rated eatery, though. The family-run restaurant has been in business since 1969, and while the grandchildren have taken over, they keep true to their grandmother's cooking.

Seafood is the hallmark of Nonna Sceppa's, with Cilento recipes turned upscale. They are highly attentive to the preparation, presentation and service to always offer a good experience. While they have a nice wine list, they also allow guests to bring their own bottle to enjoy with their meal.

Nonna Sceppa is located on Via Laura, near the pineta of Paestum and the beach area.

Closed Thursdays (except in the summer when it is open every day).

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Address in Paestum-Capaccio:

Via Laura, 45.

Ph. (+39) 082 885 1064.

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