In the "trulli town" of Alberobello, this restaurant brings new life to traditional recipes. They use the local seasonal produce and seafood from the nearby Adriatic Sea to create beautifully presented plates of "poetry at the table". The beautiful dining room is elegant and perfect for special occasions.

Il Poeta Contadina participates on the Buon Ricordo program. If you order their house specialty, based on a local recipe, you get a hand-painted plate as a souvenir, a "good memory" of your dining experience to take home with you. (In this case, the dish is a trio of fish on potatoes and olives with regional olive oil, tomatoes and basil.)

Reservations are recommended.

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Address in Alberobello:

Via Indipendenza, 27.

Ph. (+39) 080 432 1917.

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