At the pretty port of Agropoli overlooking the town's cathedral and the marina below it, this lovely restaurant serves up good food and great atmosphere. Attentive but friendly service highlights the romantic experience that features local seafood and produce, with a menu that varies based on what is fresh. The catch of the day from local fishermen roasted in parchment with potatoes is a highlight, but the antipasto sampling of 6 or 7 delicacies shouldn't be overlooked. The wine list is short and sweet, featuring excellent vintages that will accompany their fare.

While it's not inexpensive, the service, food, view and experience are worth it. It's a great place for an outdoor meal to see the sunset or a romantic dinner.

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Address in Agropoli:

Via Carlo Pisacane, 13.

Ph. (+39) 097 482 3900.

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