A few minutes outside Camaiore in the hills will transport you to a cozy restaurant serving traditional Tuscan fare. A pretty drive to the hamlet of Lombrici, part of the municipality of Camaiore, takes you through wooden country with the Apuan Alps mountains in the background.

This homey restaurant is a Michelin guide quality place, with the menu based on seasonal fresh ingredients. Some of the specialties, in Tuscan fashion, are based on woodlands truffles, porcini mushrooms, and fresh-made pastas. They offer something for everyone, with risotto and polenta also available, meats or vegetables. They're known for their abundant sampler antipasto, and the pastas that are made in-house.

The atmosphere is rustic-charm and the setting is lovely.

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Address in Camaiore:

Via Nuova, 161 Lombrici di Camaiore.

Ph. (+39) 058 498 9289.