In Palaia, there is restaurant that only one word describes - gorgeous. Luxurious might do, too. In any case, the 14th century palace is a beautiful backdrop for a memorable meal, and one you should definitely schedule when you're in the area. The salons are frescoed and airy, and everything you imagine for a Tuscan palazzo. There are also lovely outdoor garden-terrace areas for fine weather dining al fresco.

The food is excellent and nicely presented. A few of the specialties include filled pasta packets on fondue sauce, stuffed duck, and a truffle and mushroom tart. They give traditional Tuscan fare a little "oomph". It's a classy spot to have a nice memory of your trip.

Closed Wednesdays.

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Address in Palaia:

Via della Pieve, 6.

Ph. (+39) 334 365 1100 .