With breezes from the hills as well as the sea, the winery is set in a perfect location that is also picturesque. The family-run cantina is in the Val di Cornia and produces some excellent vintages from regional as well as international grape varietals, grown in the valley. From a Super-Tuscan to a Val di Cornia DOCG there is a gamut of reds, along with a rose (rosato in Italian) and a pair of whites from Tuscan heritage grapes. A dessert passito rounds out the wines, while the family also produces olive oil. Schedule a tour and tasting at the winery for a lovely day between the hills and the sea.

The winery Rigoli is located to the southeast of Campiglia Marittima in the area called Cafaggio.

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Address in Campiglia Marittima:

Via degli Ulivi, 8, Loc. Cafaggio.

Ph. (+39) 056 584 3079.

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