In the hamlet of Castel San Gimignano, a village in the classic Tuscan countryside, you'll find this down-home restaurant. The Tre Archi refer to the arches of the old olive mill in which the restaurant is housed, a rustic atmosphere where you'll find old world recipes still being served.

The style of cooking is called "casareccia" meaning home cooking, just like the owners' grandmothers made. Real Tuscan country fare is served, like classic ribollita soup or the area's carabaccia (the Tuscan version of "French onion soup"). Homemade pastas are great, especially the taglierini with truffles. Wild boar and the famed Fiorentina steak are hearty meats to try. The wine list has an extensive selection.

The restaurant is just a short walk from our lovely Ninfea properties!

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Address in Castel San Gimignano:

VIa Castel San Gimignano, 35.

Ph. (+39) 055 795 3099.

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