The Versilia Riviera is a beautiful stretch of coast, comprising several seaside resorts, in Northern Tuscany. It's here on the Ligurian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean, that Viareggio hosts L'Ocanda Milu. At L'Ocanda Milu all is "feminine" and the sea is brought to the table with a full round-up of starters, including the fancy crudités accompanied with tempting bubbles.

You will be able to taste the traditional viareggina "trabaccolara" revisited with fantasy. Their top dishes include "spaghetti with seafood carbonara" prepared even without egg.

If you are in a "meat mood" L'Ocanda Milu offers great Argentinian and Brasilian steaks. Special menus designed for celiacs, too.

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Address in Viareggio:

Via Regia, 10.

Ph. +39 058 447 446.

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