Ristorante Lo Scrivano is in the old fishing village of Furore, which is wedged into a gorge along the Amalfi Coast. The locals call it the "fjord of Furore". Dining here is a unique experience in fairytale setting.

The terrace is festooned with orange, lemon and bay trees, perfuming it with romantic natural scents that highlight the spectacular views. The restaurant has been going strong for three generations. They use vegetables from the garden and fresh-caught seafood from local fishermen to create their delicious dishes, which are traditional to Furore and the coast.

Specialties to try include the hand-made scialiatelli pasta with mussels and cherry tomatoes or a sauce made from just-picked vegetables. The fish fillet and shrimp cooked on lemon leaves is a unique and tasty local recipe.

Reservations highly recommended. Closed Mondays.

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Address in Furore:

Via Aldo Moro, 2.

Ph. +39 089 830 520.

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