The simple dishes of the Cilento come to life at the hard-working hands of Signora Maria at this country restaurant. Gli Antichi Sapori (the old-time flavors) preserves the traditions of the past and serves them plentifully in a bright, modern dining room. The hand-formed pastas are perfect - especially the cavatelli with fava beans and pancetta or the fluffy ravioli. Roasted meats are the main dish specialties - local sausage, goat or rabbit are popular as is the roasted chicken stuffed with rosemary branches.

Gli Antichi Sapori is in the heart of the Cilento Park, amid the chestnut and olive groves on a hillside near Perdifumo. Worth the country drive to dine here!

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Address in Vatolla:

Via Scienza Nuova, 38.

Ph. +39 097 485 1845.