A bridge with history, and which also served as a backdrop in the world's most famous painting is certainly something to see!. The Ponte Buriano sits outside Arezzo and spans the Arno River. It was built in 1277 with graceful arches leading across the river towards the city. The robust architectural beauty has withstood floods and wars for the past 850 years. It's said that German troops were ready to bomb it but incursions with the Allied forces nearby distracted them, so the bridge was saved. The real fame is how the Ponte Buriano figures into the world's most famous painting. Look at the bridge itself, then look closely at Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Behind her left shoulder is the bridge -it's small, you have to look carefully. But the proud Aretini say it is the same bridge, and roll out art experts who conferm it, so go take a look for yourself.

Besides, the bridge is in a nature reserve and a beautiful setting, well worth exploring the paths to enjoy the muted colors and seasonal foliage. You could also enjoy a canoe ride on the river, and paddle right under the famous bridge!

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Address in Arezzo:

SP 1 Setteponti, Ponte Buriano.

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