Podere la Marronaia is a charming farmhouse in San Gimignano, Tuscany. The farm boasts a great organic production of wines and extra virgin olive oils, as well as cashmere goats breeding.

Guided visit to Podere la Marronaia and wine&olive oil tasting are available every day, with advanced booking. It will be possible to visit one of their vineyards and their cashmere goats breeding, to see all their lovely animals.

The visit starts with a short introduction to the whole farm activity: olives, grapes, and cashmere goats. The visit usually continues downtown at the farmhouse shop "Ai Quattrorsi" (Via San Matteo, 3).

There, in a charming cellar, you'll have a complete and free wine and extra virgin olive oil tasting. The shop also sells precious fabrics made out from the farm's cashmere goats wool.

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Address in San Gimignano:

Localita' Strada, Podere La Marronaia, 14.

Ph. +39 057 790 7265.

Fax +39 057 790 7265.