A famous pizzeria in Vico Equense, Gigino's turns out chilometers of pizza daily. Back in the '30s the town Gigino came up with the novel idea of making rectangular pizzas instead of round, a meter long with various toppings along the length of it, chosen by the patrons. It became a hit and folks started arriving from long distances to partake. In the ensuing years it also became known as "the university of pizza".

Today, you can still enjoy a wood-oven baked meter-long pizza. Of course, they'll make a regular plate-sized pizza for you, too, and there are other restaurant specialties to choose from if you don't want pizza -seafood, meat and pasta. The bread and desserts are baked in-house.

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Address in Vico Equense:

Corso Giovanni Nicotera, 15.

Ph. (+39) 081 879 8309.