A restaurant and food store in Chiusi that gives you a taste of Tuscany, and lets you take some of it home, too. The "usual soup" is anything but usual; they have an intriguing menu of options that includes vegetarian-friendly choices made from seasonal produce, along with locally produced cheeses, meats and pastas.

Time-honored recipes like pici pasta or gnudi (literally "nude") which are like inside-out ravioli are Tuscan staples. Or try one of the seasonal soups as a first course. There is a menu of revived medieval recipes, local lamb and rabbit and other meats, and a list of cheese that matches well with the wine list. Homemade desserts wrap it all up with a sweet bow.

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Address in Chiusi:

Via Porsenna, 21.

Ph. (+39) 057 821 006.

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