This little eatery in an old wine cellar is always packed. Starting with the door, which is crammed full of awards and endorsement stickers, to the small dining room which is packed with tables, to the menu which is written on a blackboard, the chalked-in options entirely covering the slate. The tables are packed with patrons during the short opening hours at lunch and dinner. And with good reason - it's very, very good!

They feature garden fresh vegetables from the nearby terraced gardens and seafood from local fishermen, served using time-honored recipes so the simplicity of the flavors come through. Reserve in advance or you won't get a table. It's worth the hundreds of steps you'll have to walk to Corniglia to get here!

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Address in Corniglia:

Via Fieschi Corniglia, 117 .

Ph. (+39) 018 782 1166.

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