The world renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli draws a massive audience and has a faithful following, so true fans will want to visit his hometown and the museum dedicated to him. The Officine Bocelli was built by the maestro himself in his hometown in Tuscany and is a work in progress.

Andrea Bocelli is from Lajatico, Tuscany, and despite traveling the world, continues to have a deep affection for his roots. That's why when we decided to build a multi-use complex and museum, he placed not just in his hometown, but where his family had their farm equipment business (the "officine" Bocelli was his grandfather's garage/workshop). The Bocelli family has been in Lajatico for generations and maintain deep ties to the land.

The Officine Bocelli is sort of a destination - it has a museum dedicated to Andrea Bocelli and his career and music. There is a food court with a restaurant, a cafe and a wine bar (Andrea's brother has a winery). There is an art gallery, and plans are in the works for a 500 seat auditorium and a school for music and performing arts.

Andrea Bocelli's conceptual theater, the Teatro del Silenzio, is also here in Lajatico.

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Address in Lajatico:

Via Volterrano, 10.

Ph. (+39) 058 739 8143.