The National Park of Asinara occupies a splendid, unspoiled island on the northwest coast of Sardinia. You'll find pink granite, white mules, turquoise waters, and blue skies. Since the entire island is a national park, there is no development and plenty of peaceful paths, secluded coves, and natural beauty. There are native plants, scrub along with wildlife, including herds of wild horses, bighorn sheep, a plethora of birds, and the unusual and distinct albino mule tha tis part of the landscape of Asinara, and which contributed to the island's name ("asino" is the word for mule).

There is an abandoned borgo (stone village), incredible panoramas and only a few caretakers as full-time residents. The one village is tiny, once part of a work-camp correctional facility that was initiated under King Umberto I and continued until the 1980s. The result is that Isola Asinara has remained completed undeveloped and pristine. From sea level, hills rise up to a peak of 408 meters above sea level (1,339 feet).

You can enjoy a variety of sports-oriented tours and activities here: biking, horse riding; hiking; boating; canoeing and 4x4 tours, as well as scuba diving. There is a submerged ancient village that is popular with divers. A hostel is the only accommodation on the island, and there is one restaurant and bar in the hamlet of Cala Reale. Most people opt to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the island's secluded, natural atmosphere. The beaches are pristine and uncrowded.

There are authorized tour guides offering a range of activities, available through the park's website.

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