One of the country's most prestigious museums dedicated to the Etruscans is the Museo Nazionale Etrusco in Viterbo. It is located in the historic center in the historic Rocca Albornoz, which was constructed in 1354. Its lovely courtyard and central fountain were designed by Bramante at a later period.

The museum has a vast collection of artifacts from the excavations carried out in the Viterbo area. This was ancient Etruria, and there was a large concentration of Etruscan centers here. Among the displays, you will find reconstructions carried out from the findings of the excavations to give you an idea of the way this ancient population lived. There is an impressive ancient mosaic with an inscription in the Etruscan language from the Musarna excavation, and a statuary cycle of the eight muses from nearby Ferento. There are rooms dedicated to various excavation sites or specific high-profile finds, like the Sala della Biga, named for the chariot found near Ischia di Castro from the 5th century BC. A room dedicated to Demetra, with statues of the goddess and her daughter Persephone, found in a grotto sanctuary. Of course, there are lots of items from the necropoli, as the Etruscans are famous for their intricate burial rites and items.

This is a rich and varied collection that takes you on a journey into the Etruscan civilization.

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Address in Viterbo:

Piazza della Rocca.

Ph. (+39) 076 132 5929.