A former theater on the seafront in Bari is now a contemporary art museum that has hosted heavy-hitting exhibits like Van Gogh and Banksy. The theater was originally built in 1910 in wood on pilings, surrounded by water and reached by a bridge. It unfortunately burned down in July, 1911. It was rebuilt and was the first structure in Bari to be constructed in reinforced concrete, and was inaugurated in August, 1914. It was done in Beaux-Arts and LIberty style, with a cupola and a pair of towers flanking the entry. It remained at the site on the seafront but was no longer surrounded by water, like an island. The ground was (and still is) occupied by the Bari Sailing Club. Until the beginning of WWII, it was the scene of shows, cinema and the history museum.

In 1943 it was occupied by Allied troops, who used it as auxiliary headquarters and a place of entertainment for the troops. It was damaged by bombings. After the war, it was used only as a cinema until 1979. Luckily, the Teatro Margherita underwent an extensive restoration and is now home to the Bari Arte Contemporanea Museum. Check the line-up of exhibits, enjoy the art, the location and seaside views.

Photo Credit: Augusto Aulenta, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Address in Bari:

Piazza IV Novembre.

Ph. (+39) 080 577 6200.

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