Classic and contemporary uses and art from iron are the theme of this interesting museum in Follonica. From iron ore extraction to the foundry and casting, along with decorative elements and artistry using iron are all displayed. Not just a boring array of items, though; the museum utilizes sound, projection and multi-media presentations and theatrics to highlight the exhibits and the history. There are interactive sections and games, and some impressive modern art displays created in iron.

A trip through MAGMA will certainly highlight your visit as you'll have a better understanding and appreciation for all the iron decoration you see throughout the zone!

Winter hours: from 3:30 PM til 7:00 PM
Summer hours: from 5:30 PM til 11:30 PM
Closed Mondays

Entry is at the corner of Via Roma and Via Amorotti.

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Address in Follonica:

Via Roma, 129.

Ph. (+39) 056 659 027.

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