Take a trip through the world of coffee at the Lavazza museum in Torino. The family company has been producing quality espresso blends since 1895, adjusting to the technology, trends and tastes through the years. And now that and more is on display at their newly launched museum.

Multi-media exhibits guide you through the colors and aromas of the coffee life cycle, from the plantation to the harvest to Torino for roasting and processing and distribution. The rituals and cafe culture surrounding the various versions of coffee are covered, as well. It's an indepth and flashy look at Italy's preferred espresso brand; the displays are activated with an espresso cup, and you can get keepsake photos to share.

The museum is in the newly redeveloped Nuvola Lavazza, the company's new headquarters - it's a redesign in an industrial area that is home to offices, a new-concept cafetteria, and a designer restaurant, the company archives as well as the museum.

The Lavazza Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM til 6:00 PM. It is located in the Quartiere Aurora zone of Torino. See the Lavazza Museum website for public transit options and directions.

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Address in Torino:

Via Bologna, 32.

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