In the past, this small cove was the starting point for the pirates to raid commercial boats. Nowadays, it's the launching pad for a day of sun, surf and seafood. Laurito is a closely guarded secret. The small beach is surprisingly uncrowded, though you'll find a sunny, pebbly cove with beach chairs to rent and two restaurants to enjoy. There are pretty panoramas of pastel Positano to take in while sunbathing, making it a really nice perch for the day.

You can reach it from the road at the hamlet of Laurito, but there is a very steep climb down. The best way is to hop the boat shuttle that leaves from Positano's main pier. You'll find the distinctive red fish-shaped sign, and boats leave every hour for the five-minute ride.

Reserve a table for lunch, then go bask in the Amalfi Coast sunshine!

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