A family that has been cooking for generations will greet you with warm smiles and good food at Il Caminetto, a couple of kilometers outside Montaione. The great-grandparents started a humble osteria, cooking over a grand fireplace (camino). When the current generation excavated and expanded, they unearthed ancient walls and foundations, and gained insight into the past and their ancestors.

Portraits of the great-grandparents hang proudly, while the kitchen pays homage to them by respecting the traditional Tuscan dishes. You can enjoy succulent grilled meats (topped with prized white truffles or porcini mushrooms), gnudi, a regional "pasta" that is a "naked ravioli" without its pasta cloak; pasta with truffles, or with local pecorino cheese, and more.

Il Caminetto still lights a fire in the camino to lend that lovely rustic Tuscan atmosphere. It located on Via Mura (also known as SP Samminiatese). It is 1.5 kilometers from our properties at Villa Iva and just over 2 kilometers from our apartments at Casa Bonaventura.

Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays.

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Address in Montaione:

Via Mura, 19.

Ph. (+39) 057 167 7199.

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