Get out and see the Maremma of Tuscany in a different and exhilarating way-on a horse!. The region, and especially this part of Tuscany, has a long love affair with horses. In the Maremma there are still active cowboys who ride the range to maintain the herds of cattle. So why not join in a cultural experience on a horse in the Maremma?

The expert guides at Cavallo Natura will take you on a day-long or half-day outing, showing you the beauty of the area. You can ride right on the beach, over the dunes, through woods, in a nature preserve, or open countryside, along with their expertise and knowledge of the Maremma to help you really appreciate it all.

Located at Marina di Grosseto. Contact them to schedule your day on horseback. They also have pony rides and a Victorian carriage.

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Address in Marina di Grosseto:

Strada Vicinale Pingrossino.

Ph. (+39) 328 978 4018.