Sometimes called Ristorante, other times Trattoria, and even Braceria, all you need to know is Onorio e Donatella mean wood fires and delciousness. Braceria means "grill" and they sure do that! Meat lovers will rejoice here as they don't serve fish but they do the porcetto sardo in a big way. They also grill steaks and pork and lamb. Vegetarians will like the grilled vegetables and vegan choices. The wood is used to fire a pizza oven, too, so there is an array of those to choose from, too. In short, there is something for everyone here -except seafood! ;)

It's also a mini-market, so if you need some staples for your holiday home, you can get them here.

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Address in Porto Rotondo:

Via Porto Rotondo.

Ph. (+39) 339 532 4049.

Enjoy the comfort of a vacation home in Sardinia.