In the center of Certaldo, near the Piazza Boccaccio, this little place is a delicious find. It is both an osteria -small, family-run restaurant- and an enoteca -wine store/wine bar. That means you'll find lots of good options!

As an enoteca, they have 750 labels of Tuscan and other Italian regions to choose from. You can buy a bottle to take with you, or have them open it so you can enjoy the warm atmosphere and a bite to eat as you sip.

As an osteria, they serve delectable Tuscan dishes in the small but intimate setting. The specialties are well prepared using seasonal, local ingredients, like the Certaldo onion, salami from Greve, and pecorino from Pienza. Pici pasta with rabbit sauce, tagliatelle noodles with porcini mushrooms, and the regional Chianina beef are some of the noted and well-known hearty Tuscan fare you can enjoy. The dining room offers a romantic atmosphere for a special dinner, and the family is welcoming and kind.

Because it's so small, we recommend reserving a table in advance.

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Address in Certaldo:

Via Roma, 4.

Ph. (+39) 057 166 8188.

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